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We are a Web Design and Development company. We develop custom websites and web apps tailored for your needs, combining high performance, quality, and SEO optimization with innovative design.
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20+ years of experience, lots of ideas

After 20 years of experience in the field, we bring Silicon Valley professionalism to small and medium-size businesses around the world.



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Your web product's design will perform very high in terms of both aesthetics and usability which will give you a competetive advantage.


We’ll ensure your website and your user data are safe and secure against hackers and other people with malicious intent.


Your website / app will be fully optimized in terms of performance, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization).

Project Delivery

The Process

  • Client Onboarding

    • Scheduling
    • Describe the process and describe the deliverables
    • Communication protocol
    • Walk over client form
    • Provide access to the software
  • Sales Briefing

    • Psychological sales triggers
    • Online store sales hierarchy
    • Example of good and bad stores
    • CRO process description
  • Market & Competition Analysis

    • Look at competitor sites
    • Analyse sales ideas used
    • Find common patterns
  • Design Process

    • Setting goal
    • Start of the wireframe process
    • Draft of the site
    • Page descriptions
    • Layout for each page
    • Which sales idea to use in which section
    • Start of the design process
    • Colors, styles, graphics, typography, navigation, spacing
    • Binding contract for development process
  • Development

    • Design of data structures
    • Coding of the site
    • Animations
    • Testing
    • Finalizing optimization process / Timing analysis
  • Deployment

    • Server setup
    • Migration
    • Code transfer
    • Final testing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    • Collect the heat map
    • Analyze customer behaviour
    • Brainstorm sales ideas
    • Implement new sales idea
    • Collect additional data with new idea
    • Measure success rate
    • Deploy or revert changes

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Optimal Web Apps


Tayfun Ozdemir



At the age of 16, Tayfun started teaching himself software development. At age 18 he started his official education in computer science. In the same summer he landed his first software development internship.

In 2005, he started his master of science in computer science degree. In the last year of his master's degree, Tayfun focused on his thesis 'The Optimization of Heuristic Search Algorithms'. He used his expert skills in computer science, mathematics, and optimization for decades in some of the most well known companies, such as Oracle, in Silicon Valley. After working more than 9 years at Oracle, in 2019, he realized that the engineers available as freelancers were lacking the necessary skills to deliver high quality results to their clients. As a result of this, he started Optimal Web Apps in 2019. He is currently the CEO and the lead developer of Optimal Web Apps..

The Team

Emre Baltaci


Lead Developer

Burak Baduroglu



Gokcen Baduroglu


Content Strategist